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Scott Bushkie, the Principal of Cornerstone Business Services has observed few interesting characteristics of a study conducted by Consortium of Business Brokers & University Researcher. About 65% of small business sellers in the first quarter of 2014 were early baby boomers who were sold to finance their retirements and at the same time, 41% of [...]

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“The Capital Institute” is an unbiased transdisciplinary platform formed by the Managing Director John Fullerton of JPMorgan in 2010. John Fullerton is an experienced ‘impact investor’ who is determined to introduce finance as an effective mechanism so that it can harness the positive power of an enterprise in accordance with national priorities and establish holistic [...]

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The Internet has opened up a world of online learning, in which one needn’t leave their job to go back to school. Plus the information you are absorbing from courses can be applied to your current job. Certain fields lend themselves best to online learning, and here are five programs to consider taking online:

1. Business [...]

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Investors looking for the Mecca of mutual funds want issues producing above-average returns with below-average risk. No problem discovering them exists, but deciding to purchase them is problematic. A study on funds with modest risk profiles was used to prove the investment environment now pays investors well for high-risk issues, but will shift to profiting [...]

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A promotion is out of the question because the company’s assets are in deep freeze. And going back to school is not a possibility, nor is cutting back your hours to spend more time with family realistic. The pay just sucks, let’s be honest. So what can you do, short of heaving a sigh of [...]

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Social media (SM) has become an important recruitment tool that cannot be ignored in the fierce competition for jobs. Social Networking Websites and Recruiting/Selection 2013 Survey revealed over 75% of employers use SM for recruitment purposes. Over two-thirds of employers utilize SM tools to winnow down potential job candidates to a specific skill set.

LinkedIn is [...]

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Being part of the workforce in America means upping your game to stay in the game. The pressure is on to stand out from the crowd, so you must have a toolkit of tricks to make yourself memorable to hiring managers. A new technique for capturing the interviewer’s attention is presenting a narrative that will [...]

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Getting a negative performance review is an unsettling experience, particularly if you didn’t see it coming. It can put you in a panic over losing your job. Here then are five techniques to help you get back your manager’s confidence in you.

1. Feedback advice. Listen closely and ask questions, especially about examples that make their [...]

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Americans have begun retiring at later and later ages. One reason is wages have not kept pace with inflation for more than three decades. And now the great recession has exacerbated the phenomenon, with many Americans not planning retirement until age 65 or older.

Many factors have contributed to retiring at age 65 or beyond. People [...]

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Many older homeowners want to know if a reverse mortgage is a good strategy for augmenting a retirement income. A reverse mortgage is when a lender pays the homeowner to stay in their home. The lender will make monthly payments to the homeowner, predicated on a percentage of the appraisal value of the home.

The Home [...]

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